Railroad information and basic statistics:

  Mainline Track 6150 Feet - So Far
  Storage/Classification yards 2
  Yard tracks 10 tracks - 1230 Feet
  Sidings, passing tracks or return loops 4
  Turntable 16 ft. 1
  Steaming Bays 7
  Loading/Unloading limit 10ft.  2000Lbs.
  WYE tracks 1

The roof and sides are finished, and it's ready to install some track.

The steel is going on. This looks like a government operation with one worker and three supervisors......

The siding is complete and the car barn poles are in place. Here we are leveling the "floor" before we put the roof on.....

The site for the car barn is rough graded. There is also going to be a passing siding installed here on the mainline, ( to the right side in this picture.)

2006 brought another ambitious project. Build a 16 X 64 Car storage barn with 9 tracks of storage for rolling stock and visiting engines. Here a switch is cut into the mainline to connect the future car barn.

Dick Poole is doing putting the finishing touches on the yard leveling and ballasting.

The grading is complete and the yqrd is being re-installed and improved. You can also see the bypass/service siding installed earlier.

As soon as the first steaming bays went into service, The yard tracks were torn up and fill was brought in to level the yard tracks.

At last, the rest of the steaming bays are done, electricity has been run to the the steaming bays, and a truckload of cement is going into the unloading area in front of the building.

Almost done with the first batch of steaming bays.

The work crew - Joe & Tony Mastrorocco, Allen Chestnutwood, Dave Johnson, John Marino, me, John Detrick, Don Godshall, Dick Poole Jack Miller and others have lots of sweat equity in this railroad. Everyone is now familiar with rocks in the ground......

The ramp is complete and now the first four steaming bays are getting installed.

Getting track installed on the ramp. No steaming bays yet.

Another view of ramp construction.

With the turntable and support posts concreted in place, ramp construction was a major project. Here you can see the switch installed on the WYE and the crossover providing access to the turntable ramp. Wayne Godshall is doing the critical welding under Tom Decker's supervision.... Art Dum and Don Godshall are installing the crossover and also a switch to give a service track to improve traffic flow through the yard area.

In 2005 a plan was developed to install a turntable and steaming bays to the south of the building, which would allow equipment to be loaded and unloaded on a concrete pad in front of the building, instead of inside the building. Joe and Tony Mastrorocco provided the turntable center, support bearings, and a supply of tubing to use for ramp supports.

Sept. 2003 - The first piece of mainline is in service. The K-4 is steamed up running .

Most of 2004 was dedicated to mainline construction. The first loop around the house and lawn was completed in early summer of 2004, and a WYE was installed to facilitate turning engines and rolling stock. Another concerted track laying session later in the summer ran the mainline off the WYE, down the hill along the driveway and into a return loop. This milestone gave the RR about a 2800 foot mainline capable of handling 4 - 6 trains without too much congestion. A few switches and sidings were installed parallel to the TVRR building and that was the storage yard and steaming facilities all at once.

August 2003 - Connecting the building access to the single grade crossing.

July 2003 - Grade crossings being installed across the driveway.

Another view of the newly completed TVRR headquarters.

Spring 2003 - The buiilding is comlete and the concrete floor is curing.