The Tuscarora Valley Railroad is a privately owned 1 1/2 inch scale railroad, located in central Pennsylvania. Located in the former PRR Middle Division and close enough to hear ( when the weather is right) the now Norfolk & Southern traffic blow for grade crossings, the railroad and many of the operators here are definately Pennsy fans. A large portion of the traffic here is steam operated and there have been as many as 6 different classes of Pennsy steam in operation at the same time. If you want to see and hear PRR steam in operation, this is the place to be. Currently there is approximately 4350 feet of mainline, utilizing #8 or larger switches with a design radius of 85 feet, with more planned construction, as time and money permit.

Visitors from the Live Steam hobby are welcome, however as a courtesy, prior permission from the Owner and General Manager is preferred.

You may have noticed that this website has not been updated very much in a while. Well, the TVRR has taken a backseat (just for a little while) in our lives. Anita and I have been working on starting another business, . This website, and the assiciated offline promotion of the RV accessory business at RV shows and Rallies across the country have eaten up much of our spare time. The summer of 2011 saw see more activity and progress on the TVRR.

Also of interest to the Live Steam community is our involvement in the creation and production of videos for live steam, railroad, and antique tractor enthusiasts. We have two DVDs currently available to the public and several more are in production now. The first is the DVD covering the Discover Live Steam Convention in July of 2010. This DVD has been sold around the world and has gathered many positive comments. You can purchase the DVD through High Driver Video Productions , our video production company. The second DVD is a documentary covering the 25th Anniversary of the Shermans Valley Heritage Assoc., also shot and produced in 2010. This DVD is availoble from the Shermans Valley Heritage Assoc website at Proceeds from the Heritage Days DVD benefit the local community.

Late in the fall of 2011 we released a video - The Plennsylvania Live Steamers 2011 Fall Meet. It is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray.

In the spring of 2012 we shot and released another Live Steam video from the Maricopa Live Steameras facility in Pheonix, AZ. This video is also available in both DVD and Blu-Ray and will be another great addition to your collection.

You can see highlights and purchase either one on High Driver Video Productions website.

Please note the new e-mail address on the Contact Page !

Updated : Sep. 1, 2014